Mindset and manifestation coaching (Ira)

Do you recognize this?

*You have, consciously or unconsciously, a certain inner conviction, which makes you attract situations in your life that you don’t really want.
*You’ve been given that sabotaging belief from home or you’ve talked yourself into it. The fact that the unwanted situation also occurs every time confirms you in your truth.
*But still… You don’t want to just leave it at this and accept it. You are slowly beginning to understand that you may have to do something with this yourself and you want to do something about it to breakit.

We create the world around us with our thoughts and emotions. The only goal in our lives is to discover who we are and to break with the devils within us: our own sabotaging thoughts.
But what if you got help to become aware of this and break it? So you can go faster?

I (Ira) have worked very my own limiting beliefs and, as a huge auto-didact, have immersed myself in a months-long tutorial to break through my old thought patterns and replace them with other more positive thoughts. It’s not without a fight, but I know how to do it by now.
I hear exactly where you’re getting in the way of your sabotaging thoughts and help you adjust them. To the point. Clear and clear. Otherwise, the devils keep inside you your little, invisible, poor, unloved, unhappy thing that attracts one drama after another.

How liberating is it to work with someone on this?
How nice is it when you know exactly what you need to do to (finally) attract the positives in your life?
How valuable is it if you live for the rest of your life Know the secret to make your thoughts work for you instead of against you?
How nice is it when you’re one step ahead of the people around you and you in turn can teach them what to do to experience better happiness?

Since 2006 I have been intensively researching the Law of Attraction and have now known every guru in this field, but have found two that one has little knowledge of in the Netherlands and these people have left the earth for quite some time.
I started to delve into their lessons every day, I started applying this and i thought i’d love it if someone helped me with this. However, I do not know anyone in the Netherlands who deals with these techniques. That’s why I made it my own, and I’m going to help you with this. I love to deliver value and I prefer to transfer my knowledge in this area to you!

A single one-hour session is €59 (possible every day)
Three extremely valuable sessions full of lessons and insights in a package is only € 149 (one session every week).

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Book your Manifestation success now!

What do others say after a session with me?
Thank you so much for this and for yesterday. I know have focus and clarity for the first time in a longgggggg time- LD

Super thank you for enlightening and helpful conversation yesterday. I feel
relieved and liberated from a stalled train of thought-MB

Book your Manifestation success now!

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Speaker at events
I can also be hired as a speaker at (spiritual) events. I talk about mindset, subconscious and imagination. Click here for an impression of the Yoga Business Event in Lelystad. Contact me for the possibilities via info@namastecafe.nl

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