High Tea (High Chai)

Looking for a special Tea for Two, a girlfriend’s outing, birthday party or bachelor party? This is possible at Namasté Café in The Hague!
Every Friday and Saturday afternoon a spiritual high chai is possible.
From June 1, only for max. 2 persons due to Covid19 regulations.

Up to a maximum of 2 people (temporary measures) you come cozy for a spiritual high tea (high chai). You start with a cup of chai and then get a pot of Ayurvedic tea with small glasses each time, so you can try a different tea each time.

savoury sandwiches, fruit, chocolates and cakes should not be missing. You will take turns receiving a hand-reading.
With a handing you get nice insights into yourself and you have something to talk about with your girlfriend. You can record the palm reading with your phone.

The cost for the spiritual high chai is 42.50 euros per person.
Book Svp in advance (provided space) by phone 070-3698766 or
email: info@namastecafe.nl. The high tea cannot be booked online. Cancel until no later than 24 hours in advance due to the purchases.


The high chai is also possible to book without palm reading, (you then enjoy only the sweet and savoury treats, cup of chai and unlimited ayurvedic tea of your choice, for two hours).
This can be done on Friday or Saturday afternoon (with reservation).
The cost is 17.50 euros per person.



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